The company’s in-demand solar powered lighting system is ideal for any remote location and delivers security and convenience. A single charge provides enough power for eight hours of non-continuous lighting.

July 15, 2014 – Outdoor lighting supplier Solar Motion has revealed that demand is high for its leading product, the LED Outdoor Security Lights. The company has also reported multiple orders from the same buyers. Customers have selected to order lights for locations that is difficult to connect to mains A/C power. These lights are ideal for garage areas, patios, gardens, BBQ spots, and more.

Also, the products offer optimum security for patio, backyards, and clothes lines. Users immediately know if a person is prowelling around outside. The adjustable motion detector will trigger the light automatically if an unsuspecting person is out there.

The company’s automated light source is also useful as the nights get longer heading into autumn and winter. Lighting up garages and backyards, the product offers optimum illumination for as long as it’s on. There are 60 diodes in total contained in each light. The unit retains enough charge during the day to operate for 20 seconds, up to 500 times throughout the night. Illumination time can be set anyplace from 10 to 240 seconds.

This high selling product is also durable. A weatherproof design features ABS plastic and aluminum, so the light, solar panel, and battery can tolerate hot and cold, rain or snow. It is built to be installed outdoors and last. It’s also feasible to position the solar panel several feet away so the actual area illuminated does not have to be in direct sunlight.

Installation requires just a few tools and no expert help is necessary. The complete system weighs just 2 pounds and users can add this versatile lighting product anywhere they need extra light and don’t have a power connection. Integrated settings enable users to set sensitivity and sensing distances based on their needs.